We Can Fix Your Pool or Spa

Our trained pool technicians can solve all of your pool problems

Pool and spa repairs can be costly and time consuming, especially when attempting to fix the repairs on your own. The professional pool technicians at H3O Pools have the experience to fix, repair, adjust or replace each and every component of your pool and spa. Often times, waiting to replace pool and spa parts can cause a domino effect of other issues in and around the pool and spa. To minimize expenses and protect your investment, it is a smart choice to call a pool professional for all pool and spa repair services!

Our pool repair technicians can perform nearly any pool or spa repair including heaters, pumps, filters, motors, valves, control station programming, licensed electrical work & installations, wiring, circuits, time clocks, ground fault circuit interrupters, code requirements & lighting, natural water chemistry, chlorine and salt systems and more. No pool or spa repair job is too small for our trusted professionals! We take the time to treat every pool and spa repair job seriously because we understand the importance of your investment!

Give us a call today with any concerns or questions regarding your pool or spa repairs. We will be happy to send a technician out to provide an accurate, fair quote on the necessary pool and spa repair services!